Zhang Zhimin, Deputy Director of Health Commission of Henan Province, Gave Lecture at Scholar Forum

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Scene of the Report

Scene of the Report

On the afternoon of June 4, 2021, the “Scholar Forum” hosted by the Department of Science and Technology and undertaken by School of Management was held in BN617 conference room of our university. Zhang Zhimin, Deputy Director of Health Commission of Henan Province and first-class inspector, was invited to give a report on“Seizing Opportunities, Innovating Development and Accelerating the Construction of a Powerful Province of Chinese Medicine”to teachers and students of our university. Members of Henan Institute of Strategy for a Powerful Province of Chinese Medicine, and more than 100 teachers from School of Management as well as MPA postgraduates attended the report. The report was hosted by Zhang Liqing, Dean of School of Management.

Zhang Zhimin made an in-depth analysis and elaboration on the historical basis, construction origin, construction objectives, development status, existing problems and development ideas of the strategy of building a powerful province of Chinese medicine in our province.Combined with his own experience and perception in the prevention and control of Covid-19, he encouraged the teachers and students to strengthen the study of the important speech and instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his investigation in Nanyang,make best use of our own advantages, excavate and inherit the essence of Chinese medicine, accelerate scientific research and innovation, and contribute to the high-quality development of Chinese medicine in our province. The lecture is highly strategical, rich in content, far-reaching and amusing in language, which deeply enlightened and benefited the teachers and students present.

After the report, the delegation led by Zhang Zhimin, Xu Hongwei, Deputy Director of the Department of Chinese medicine of Health Commission of Henan Province, jointly participated in the Forum on Building a Powerful Province of Chinese Medicine together with representatives of teachers and students of the School of Management. The forum focused on the overall promotion of the modernization of the national governance system, governance management and the strategy of strengthening a powerful Chinese medicine province. Participants had in-depth exchanges on how to give full play to the advantages and find the right goals from the aspects of talent training, discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation and talent construction.

(Written by Li Zhiyi, photos taken by Yang Jingjing)