The School of IT

The School of Information Technology, established in 2004, has been undertaking the teaching tasks of the general and specialized courses on computer of the whole university. In 2009, the Software Vocational School was set up based on the School of Information Technology. The aim and positioning of our school is: to strengthen the scaffolding role of information technology on the Chinese medicine education so as to cultivate applied talents on information technology with Chinese medicine knowledge as their academic background for the Chinese medicine affairs in Henan province and to serve for the regional economic and social development. The educational ideas of the department are “to take the needs of market as orientation, the teaching quality as foundation, the ability cultivation as the core and the employment of students as the aim.”

Currently, there are three disciplines in our school: Management Science and Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Science and Technology; based on these disciplines, it offers 3 four-year undergraduate specialties: Information Management and Information System, Software Technology and Computer Science and Technology, and 4 two-year junior college specialties which are Computer Information Management, Applied Computer Technology, Software Technology and Computer Network Technology.

It boasts a teaching faculty of 36 people, among whom there are 11 with the title of a senior professional post and 18 with a medium-grade professional title; and there are 3 with doctorate degrees. It has 2 young backbone teachers of the Education Department of Henan province and 4 young and middle-aged backbone teachers of Henan University of Chinese medicine.

It owns one key discipline at the provincial level, one provincial “computer demonstration teaching center”, one provincial “comprehensive specialty reform pilot project”, a provincial Chinese medicine information training base, 8 computer teaching labs, 18 professional labs and 16 internship and practical training bases in and out of Henan province.

Over the four years, the School of Information Technology has won a variety of prizes totaling 76 above the municipal level and has undertaken 49 research projects, among which 2 are at the state level and 11 at the provincial level. It has owned 14 national patents, 10 of which belong to discovery patents and 4 are of new and practical type. The whole faculty has published 206 papers, 3 of which are SCI papers, 44 are EI papers and 21 belong to the Chinese core journals; besides, they have co-edited 20 works, 58 teaching materials and owned 24 software copyrights.