School of Rehabilitation Medicine



Formerly known as the Rehabilitation Therapy Major of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine, the School of Rehabilitation Medicine of Henan University of Chinese Medicine was founded in July 2015. It began to admit undergraduate students to major in Integrative Medical therapy for Clinical Rehabilitation in 2005. In 2006 it acquired the authorization for granting master’s degree in Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy and set up the undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Treatment in 2012.

The School has set up undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science) in rehabilitation therapy with four-year education; advancement from junior college level to undergraduate level of rehabilitation therapy with three-year education. In 2017, the application was approved for the five-year degree of Chinese medicine rehabilitation, and the school plans to start recruitment in 2018. The School is authorized for the granting of 2 master’s degreesRehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation.

The School owns a 3,000-square-meter training center with a total value of the equipment of 6 million, and developed a number of practical teaching modules such as sports therapy. The school has 6 internship bases, including 3 affiliated hospitals, to ensure that all practices and teaching are successfully carried out.

Currently, 40 part-time or full-time teachers are employed at the school, including 11 teachers with senior professional titles, 2 doctoral tutors, 10 Master’s tutors, 11 PhD graduates, 1 post-doctoral graduate and 25 graduates with master’s degree. The faculty also include 1 key discipline academic leader of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine; 1 vice-chairman of Integrative Medicine Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine; 1 academic leader of Henan Province; 2 academic leaders of Henan Provincial Department of Education; 1 provincial-level key academic leader; 1 provincial-level ‘Outstanding Youth Talent’; 1 president of Henan Provincial Rehabilitation Medicine Association and 1 vice-president of Henan Stroke Association and Society for Immunology.

The School has undertaken 5 National Natural Science projects; 20 provincial-level scientific research projects. It has acquired 6 practical new-type patents, and published more than 70 papers, of which 30 were published by core national journals and 2 by SCI and won the second prize for Science and Technology Achievement Award of Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The school took charge of 1 provincial-level ‘Outstanding Talent Project’, 1 ‘Innovative Science Talent Project’, and 1 provincial-level ‘University Science Innovation Team Project’.

Adhering to the concept of ‘building up the school with academic achievements’, the school aims to establish a leading international institute in Henan Province and the country for rehabilitation. An agreement has been signed with the University of South Alabama of the United States on joint education, while professors from Duquesne University are invited to teach in the institute and to strengthen international cooperation and exchange. The school has trained many high-quality rehabilitation post-graduates and undergraduates with an employment rate of graduates over 98%.