The Second Clinical Medical School

The Second ClinicalMedicalSchool, The Second Affiliated Hospital (Henan Province Hospital of TCM) is a modernized comprehensivefirst-class hospital of TCM integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, disease prevention, health careandrehabilitation. It is the designated instituteof provincialmedical insurance, city medical insurance (including residents and the retired), new rural cooperative medical system and provincialoccupationalinjury insurance. It is one of the first batch of standardized training base for general practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, the national promotion base of appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine and the construction unit of national TCM inheritance and innovation project. Foundedin 1985, it now has staff members of more than 2500 and 64 departmentswith2000 beds. It has a large number of advanced, precision cutting-edgediagnostic and therapeuticequipmentincluding MRI3.0T,Discovery CT750 HD, DSA, DR,automaticbiochemical-immune analyzer, digital mammographyX-rayEquipmentand four-dimensionalcolor ultrasound.

The hospital owns 10 national key specialties, 5 key disciplines and 1 key laboratory under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are 1nationally-renownedTCMdoctor, 15 instructors on the inheritance of academic experience of old TCM experts from all over the country, 10provincially-renownedTCMdoctors, 2 studios of NationalTCMMaster, 6 inheritance studios of famous old national TCM expertsand5 studios offamous TCMdoctors in Henan province.

The hospital, as a base for postdoctoral research and development in Henan province, has undertaken a number of national-level scientific research projects and has won over 100 ministerial and provincial awardsfor science and technology achievement. It offers doctorate and master’s degree programs and specialties,such as Chinese Medicine,General Practice of Chinese Medicine,Medical Imaging Technology, Science of Health Preserving of Chinese Medicine, totaling 15 disciplines. The specialty of Chinese Medicine is a famousonein Henan higher education, acharacteristicspecialty in higher education of Ministry of Educationandapilot project of Ministry of Education in comprehensive specialty reform.

The hospital has set up a Famous Doctors Hall for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseaseswithhigh-qualitygenuinemedicinal materials inthepharmacy. Cardiology Department focuseson the research of viral myocarditis. Encephalopathy Department has obvious advantage on intracranial minimally invasive surgery. Oncology Department specializes in malignant tumor treatment. TheHepatobiliary and GastrosplenicDepartment is effective in treating severe hepatic-biliary-pancreatic illness. Treatment Center ofOrthopedicsand Traumatology specializes in hip and knee joint replacement surgery. Chu’sgynecologyenjoys high popularity in China. Emergency Department boasts features in acute poisoning treatment. Reproductive Medicine Department is the main committee unit of reproductive medicine branch in China Association of Chinese Medicine. There are many breakthroughs in surgery construction.

The hospital adheres to the orientation of running hospital of “carrying forward traditional Chinese medicine and absorbing the advantages of modern science and technology” and hospital mottoof “inheritingfrom the past and absorbing modern medical technology, treating the patients with great virtue”. It provides high-quality, effective,convenientand safehealth service for the patients. It has won the honorary titles of “Model ofCivilized Unit in Henan Province”, “Advanced Unit of Moral Culture Construction in Henan Province”and“Hospitalwith Customer Satisfactionin Henan Province”.

An Introduction to the Disciplines, Medical Specialties, Academic Specialties, Facultyof theSecond Clinical Medicine School

1. Disciplines

5 keydisciplinesaccreditedby the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM):Cardiology, General Practice of Chinese Medicine, Science of Health Preserving ofChinese Medicine, Andrology of Chinese Medicine,Gynaecologyof Chinese Medicine;7 provincial key disciplines: Internal Medicine of Chinese Medicine and Internal Medicine, Surgery of Chinese Medicine, Gynaecology of Chinese Medicine, Pediatrics of Chinese Medicine,Orthopedics and Traumatologyof Chinese Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology of Chinese Medicine;4 school-level key disciplines: Chinese Emergency Medicine, Chinese Medicine Nursing, Surgery of Western Medicine and Medical Imaging Technology;1 school-level characteristic discipline: Andrology of Chinese Medicine;1 school-nurtured characteristic discipline: Science of Health Preserving of Chinese Medicine.

2. Medical specialties

5 national key clinical specialty projects: Cardiology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Surgery (Reproductive Medicine, Mastopathy, Peripheral Vascular Surgery), Hepatology, Gynaecology;5 key specialties accredited by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM): Cardiology, Encephalopathy, Oncology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Emergency Treatment;5 key specialty units under SATCM: Hepatology, Gynaecology of Chinese Medicine, Surgery of Chinese Medicine, Preventive Treatment of Disease, Chinese Medicine Nursing;1 provincial key specialty of Chinese medicine: Anorectal Department.

3. Academic Specialties

The Second Clinical Medicine School offers 4 specialties, which are Chinese Medicine, General Practice of Chinese Medicine, Medical Imaging Technology, Science of Health Preserving of Chinese Medicine. The specialty of Chinese Medicine was established in 1958. At present, it has developed itself into a specialty covering undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral education. It is a famous specialty in Henan higher education, a characteristic specialty in higher education of Ministry of Education,apilot project of Ministry of Education in comprehensive specialty reform. In 2013, it enrolled the first batch of undergraduates. The specialtyof MedicalImaging Technology was established in 2013, offering four-year undergraduate programs. In 2017, it was entitled to enrolling undergraduates along with the first-tier universities. The specialty of Science of Health Preserving of Chinese Medicine was founded in 2017 and will start to enroll undergraduates in 2018 along with the first-tier universities.

4. Faculty

The faculty mainly consistsof full-time and part-time teachers.There are 70 full-time faculty memberscurrently,of which36hold senior professional titles, 33 intermediate and 1 junior title. 64 teachers have Master’s or doctoral degree, accounting for 91.43% of the full-time teachers. Among them 29 have doctorate degree, accounting for 41.43% of the full-time teachers. 3 teachers are in-service doctorate degree candidates, while 1is in-serviceMaster’s degree candidate. 48 staff members graduated from other universities or colleges, accounting for 68.57% , and 22 from our university, accounting for 31.43%.