Professor Meng Yi Gave Online Training on Theories of Covid-19 to Standardized Training Doctors

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2020    Author: The Second Affiliated Hospital    Read Count: []

Scene of the Training

Recently, Professor Meng Yi, director of Geriatric Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital, gave a lecture on theories of Covid-19 at “Online Theory Training for Chinese Medicine Standardized Training Students” held by Chinese Doctor Training Institute. More than 400 standardized training doctors from the Second Affiliated Hospital participated in the training at the hospital venue or online.

As a member of Chinese medicine expert group in combating Covid-19 in Henan Province, Meng Yi went to Zhou Kou City to guide the rescue work during the epidemic. At the meeting, Covid-19 combat was discussed from four aspects: "the history of fighting against plague with traditional Chinese medicine", "the importance of reading classics, recognizing epidemic situation and cultivating the way of thinking through TCM", “establishing the combination of dialectical thinking, differentiating disease, differentiating syndrome, and identifying the body”, and "treating in five ways and ten prescriptions". He elaborated in detail the training method of thinking in traditional Chinese medicine against Covid-19, and combined the establishment of TCM thinking with clinical practice, so that the trainees had a more concrete and deeper understanding of the control of Covid-19 with TCM methods.

Qi Xuejin, Vice President of Chinese Medical Association, Liu Qingquan, President of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Tang Dongxin, First Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiang Kun, expert from Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, also gave lectures to the trainees with their experience in fighting again the epidemic.

Through this training, the standardized training students had a comprehensive understanding of the clinical application and effect of Chinese medicine on fighting against Covid-19, and gained confidence on the effect of Chinese medicine. The training has gained good results, and received praise from the students.