International Students from Our University Help Diagnosis and Treatment of Covid-19 Chinese Medicine Program Spread to the World

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2020    Author: School of International Education    Read Count: []


Kearon Vision of Chinese Medicine Prescription


Urdu Vision of Chinese Medicine Prescription

Recently, the Kearon and Urdu versions of “Diagnosis and Treatment of Covid-19 (trial version 7) Chinese Medicine program” which are organized by the Federation of World Chinese Medicine Association, undertaken by our university, and translated partly by international students of our university. The translated version is published to the public through FWCMA media and shares the successful experience of traditional Chinese medicine against the epidemic, which plays a positive role in promoting Chinese medicine to go out and to the world, and made contributions to the construction of human health community.

The Party Committee of the university attached great importance to the promotion of Chinese medicine program organized by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and instructed the School of International Education to undertake the translation task according to the requirements. The School of international Education actively set up a translation team and selected translators to undertake the task of traditional Chinese medicine programs in Korean and Urdu languages. Bian ci'e, a 2019 Korean graduate student, and Bilal Aimu, a Pakistani graduate student, took the initiative to translate Korean and Urdu, and led their respective translation teams to work together to accomplish the translation task excellently. The two translated versions were approved by the Translation Expert Committee of the WFCMS, and were confirmed as the Korean and Urdu versions of the treatment plan of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine has become the highlight of the Chinese program to fight the epidemic. It has a significant effect in treating mild patients and preventing mild patients from turning to severe patients. The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine has played an important role in alleviating the symptoms of severe patients, and greatly reduced the mortality rate of severe patients.