School of Pharmacy Held Online Open Course Exchange Meeting

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2020    Author: School of Pharmarcy    Read Count: []

Excellent Online Open Course Exchange Meeting Held in School of Pharmacy

Recently, in order to actively promote the teaching reform of traditional Chinese medicine and the construction of excellent online open course, theSchool of Pharmacy held an excellent online open course exchange meeting. Shen Yicai, deputy director of the Educational Administration, Wang Lili, Ma Ligang and Li Kai, backbone teachers of the national excellent online open courses of the Study of Chinese Medicine Identification, Biochemistry and provincial excellent online open courses of Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing, and nearly 20 participates joined in the meeting, including the teachers applied for the 2020 online open courses projects and the backbone teachers of the team. The meeting was presided by Ji Baoyu, vice president of the School of Pharmacy.

At the meeting, Wang Lili, Ma Ligang and Li Kai shared their construction achievements and experience on excellent online open courses. They introduced the course construction from the aspects of teaching design and method, teaching content and resources, team support and service, teaching interaction and evaluation, teaching effect and influence, improvement of video, etc., and discussed how to achieve "brief, short, refined and efficient" effect in teaching design. They also offered suggestions on how to integrate information technology to improve teaching effect and how to integrate data resources. Subsequently, teachers went on to discussion and the exchange on the excellent online course application.

Shen Yicai highly approved the construction of excellent online open courses in the School of Pharmacy. She introduced the construction concept of excellent online open courses in recent years and the policy and financial support from our university. She pointed out that excellent online open courses should not deviate from curriculum reform or teaching design. We should strictly follow the technical requirements of curriculum construction, implement curriculum evaluation standards, rebuild and reuse resources, and urge the new applicants of high-quality online open courses to meet the requirements of school-level excellent online open courses video recording and course construction, and complete the construction of school-level excellent online open courses according to the guidance and deadlines of the Education Administration. Ji Baoyu puts forward the ideas of curriculum construction from the following aspects: the selection of teaching materials, the integrity of curriculum structure, the granulation of knowledge, the preciseness of content and the diversification of forms.

Since the 13th five-year plan, the School of Pharmacy has built 2 national excellent online open courses, 3 provincial online open courses, and 12 school-level online open courses (4 of which have been accessible on Chinese University MOOC, and 9 of which have been awarded excellent online teaching courses of undergraduate education in Henan Province). During the epidemic phase especially, the foresight and applicability of online course construction have been highlighted, and the courses have now proved to promote specialty construction. This exchange activity has strengthened the teachers' understanding of online open courses, broadened their idea of combined teaching design, provided a useful reference for the construction and application of online open courses in our university, and provided new ideas for the curriculum teaching reform for School of Pharmacy.