【Good News】 Three Experts from our University Appointed the Second Batch of Chief Science Popularization Experts

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2020    Author: Dept.of Sceience&Technology    Read Count: []

Recently, with the recommendation of Henan Academic Association, Zhengzhou Association of Science and Technology, and relevant units, with evaluation and investigation conducted by Henan Association for Science and Technology, 100 experts from all over the province were appointed the "Second Batch of Chief Science Popularization Experts of Henan Province" by Henan Association for Science and Technology. The experts are appointed for a period of five years and united into expert teams. Professor Miao Mingsan, Professor Zhu Jianguang and Associate Professor Wang Yishuo recommended by the Association of Science and Technology of our university are among them.

"Chief Science Popularization Expert of Henan Province" is the highest honorary title in the field of science popularization in Henan Province. It is the name for high-level talents who lead, promote and innovate science popularization work and serve the promotion of scientific quality of the population in Henan Province. This nomination aims to form a backbone team of high-end science popularization talents in our province, build a modern science popularization system that benefits universal purpose, create a new brand of science popularization activities, enhance the social appeal and public attraction of science popularization, and effectively improve the scientific quality of the public.