Canadian Sound of Dragon Ensemble Asian Tour Concert Comes into Our University

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2020    Author: The Youth League Committee    Read Count: []



 (Article /Guo Wei & Fu Wen-feng; Picture/ Kang Peng-tao) On the evening of September 17, 2019, Canadian Sound of Dragon Ensemble Asian Tour Concert entered our school. It brought a wonderful music feast to more than 400 teachers and students in the first lecture hall of the library.

Canadian Sound of Dragon Ensemble is a non-profit music organization registered in 2013. It has been dedicated to the exchange and dissemination of music culture between China and Canada for many years. The concert began with joyous Sound Journey. During over an hour's playing time, Canadian Sound of Dragon Ensemble brought some pleasant or exciting and changeable piece of music, such as Mountain Dwelling Enjoying Autumn Scenery, Gui Hua, Crossing Time and Space, Decoration and Eight Board Variations. The performers used the new types of music which integrate the characteristics of East and West to bring the teachers and students into the music artistic conception and imagination space, fully demonstrating the diversity and vitality of music, allowing teachers and students to close contact, listen, understand different artistic and cultural ways, and let everyone truly feel that Western musical instruments can be very traditional,while national instruments can also be very foreign. All the audiences had a new musical experience. The scene was full of warm atmosphere and applause.

This concert has integrated elegant art into the construction of campus culture, enriched campus cultural life, enhanced the artistic accomplishment of teachers and students, and made them feel the unique charm of art.