Japan Shorinji Kempo Youth League Students Delegation Visited Our University

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2020    Author: The International Cooperation Office    Read Count: []



(Article /Guo Wei & Fu Wen-feng; Picture/ Kang Peng-tao) On August 28, 2019, Zong You-gui, President of Shorinji Kempo, took Youth League Students Delegation consisting of 112 people's delegation to visit our university for cultural exchange. Zhang Xiao-ping, minister of Friendship and Exchange between China and Japan of the National Association of Friendships, Li Zhen, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Henan Provincial Party Committee and vice chairman of the Foreign Friends Association, accompanied visitors. Xu Jiang-yan, member of the Party Committee and Vice-President of the university, met members of the delegation and delivered a speech. The heads of the relevant functional departments of the university attended the welcoming ceremony.

At the welcoming ceremony, Xu Jiang-yan introduced the specialty establishment, scientific research, social service and international cooperation and exchanges of our university. He said that our university has responded positively to the national "one belt and one road" initiative and attached importance to exchanges and cooperation with Japan in various fields such as traditional medical education, scientific research, clinical application, health care and health preservation. Through theexchange activities, we have deepened our mutual understanding of culture and opened wider roads and fields for the two sides.

 Li Zhen warmly welcomed Japan Shorinji Kempo Youth League Students Delegation represented by Zong You-gui to visit Henan Province for exchange. He believed that this would further enhance the friendship between the two sides, help foster a successor friendly force and continue friendship from generation to generation. Koichi Kawashima, vice chairman of the Foreign Friends Association, expressed in his speech that dhyana, Wushu and medicine are the quintessence of Shorinji Kempo should learn. He hoped that this exchange would strengthen his understanding of Chinese medicine culture.

 During the exchange activities, Zong You-gui thanked our university for its careful arrangement and expressed his admiration for the achievements made in our university's development. Accompanied by volunteers from our school, the delegation of the youth students visited the Medical History Museum and the Chinese Materia Medica Museum respectively, watched and experienced eight infantile finger loops and whorls.

This activity has deepened the contact and communication between our university and Japan, and added a bright chapter to the friendly exchanges between China and Japan in our province.