The 2nd Central PlainsNeuroimmunology Forum (the Class on Prevention and Treatment of Neuroimmune Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine) successfully Held inOurUniversity in 2019

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Welcome Speech by Xu Jiangyan, Member and Vice-President of the Party Committee of the University

In the meeting

Professor Xu Xianhao, Chief Physician of Neurology, Beijing Hospital

On April 26th and 27th , 2019,“ The 2nd Central Plains Neuroimmunology Forum (the Class on Prevention and Treatment of Neuroimmune Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine)” sponsored by Henan Institute of Immunology, undertaken by Henan University of Chinese Medicine jointing with First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, People's Hospital of Henan and Henan Academy of Medical Sciences, was successfully held in our university. Du Ying, director of Henan Immunological Society, chairman of Neuroimmunology Committee of Henan Immunological Association and Xu Yuming, dean of Cerebrovascular Disease Hospital of Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital, delivered speeches respectively. More than 600 colleagues at home and abroad attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Secretary-General of Henan Institute of Immunology.

In his speech, Xu Jiangyan,amember of the Party Committee and Vice-President of theuniversitywelcoming experts and delegates from home and abroad, briefly introduced the development and achievements ofour university in recent years and hoped that throughtheseactivities to enhance academic exchanges, strengthen the study of immune diseases in traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the cause of neuroimmunity in Henan Province to achievegreater achievements.

With the theme of "combining Chinese and Western medicine; breaking barriers and optimizing resources", this course has made extensive exchanges around new ideas, new methods, new technologies and new progress in the field of diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmune diseases. It is composed by 5 special performances such as the annual meeting of neuroimmunity in Henan Province, the national continuing education project: Training Course on TCM Prevention and Treatment of Neuroimmune Diseases ( the project number: T20191602039), myasthenia gravis, experience exchange meeting of famous and old Traditional Chinese Medicine, scientific research collaboration. More than 40 experts, including Xu Xianhao in Beijing Hospital of the State Health Construction Commission, Zhang Yunling in Xiyuan Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hu Xueqiang in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, delivered speeches at the conference. Christian Hölscher as the Zhongjing Scholar in our university and lifelong professor of Lancaster University in UK, and Li Fazhi as a famous and veteran TCM practitioner in China, respectively gave a lecture on the progress of own research field. Two experts, Zhang Yunke and Zhao Wenxia, gave a special lecture on the national continuing education project on the prevention and treatment of neuroimmune diseases by traditional Chinese medicine. On scientific research cooperation, Miao Mingsan and Xu Liran exchanged with Yang Bo, president of Henan Academy of Medical Sciences.

This grand meeting as a high-quality conference with high academic level and strong academic atmosphere focused on the latest diagnosis and treatment technology and progress of neuroimmune diseases at home and abroad, interpreted the latest diagnosis and treatment guidelines and expert consensus, shared the most typical cases, realized the face-to-face communication between patients and well-known experts in China, discussed the advances in the prevention and treatment of neuroimmune diseases by traditional Chinese medicine, listed the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of neuroimmune diseases to further improve the ability of prevention and treatment of neuroimmune diseases by traditional Chinese medicine and the level of neuroimmune academic research in our province.[Text/photo Gao Peng]