【Scholar Forum】Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series5,S&T Innovation Creates a Better Employment

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On the afternoon of Jan. 8th, 2019, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series 5,S&T Innovation Creates a Better Employmentwas given in the first lecture hall of HUCM. Yuan Ang, the general manager of Henan Chengke Science and Technology Development co., Ltd and senior entrepreneurship advisor of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, delivered a lecture ofInnovation Path and Business Model Innovation. The lecture was hosted by Xu Huaming, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department.

Starting from current situation of university students' entrepreneurship, Yuan Ang introduced the most attractive services, elaborated on the innovation path and the innovation construction of business model, and shared his own innovation and entrepreneurship experiences based on big data analysis. The vivid, interesting and informative lecture has strong practical guidance; helps answer the teachers and students’ doubts and difficulties in innovation and entrepreneurship, also inspired and encouraged them a lot.

The series of lectures aboutS&T Innovation Creates a Better Employmentis jointly held by the Science and Technology Department of HUCM and the Service Center for College Students' Employment and Entrepreneurship of the Education Department of Henan Province. It aims to further activation of the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere on campus, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students in Innovation and entrepreneurship activities, improve their related abilities and finally promote the development of entrepreneurship and innovation.