A High-level SCI Paper was issued by the Scientific Research Team, led by Chief physician, Cheng Zhi in No.2 Affiliated Hospital of HUCM

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A high-level SCI paper,In Vivo Expansion and Antitumor Activity of Coinfused CD28- and 4-1BB-Engineered CAR-T Cells in Patients with B Cell Leukemiawas issued on Molecular Therapy on 26, 2018, vol. 4, by Cheng Zhi, the chief physician of hematology department in No.2 Affiliated Hospital of HUCM, and his scientific research team.Molecular Therapy’sJCR partition is I with an impact factor of 7.008 in 2017. The amazing two-year-study of CAR-T in the treatment of hematological malignancy of since December of 2015 marks the improvement of the hematonosis study in No.2 affiliated hospital of HUCM.