New Teachers' Training Class in 2018 Held in Henan University of Chinese Medicine

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A Lecture for New Teachers by President Xu Erping

Principal Xu Erping and New Teachers' Representatives


To thoroughly implement the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the National Education Conference and the new spirit of National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Universities, the establishment of the young teachers’ team will be well done in our school. From November 14th to 18th, 2018, the new teachers’ training class has held in 2018, and 100 new teachers in the past two years participated in this training.


On the morning of November 14th, the opening ceremony hosted by Vice President Feng Weisheng was held in the Second Reporting Hall of the library. The president, Xu Erping, delivered a speech and gave a special report to the new teacher entitled Keeping in mind the mission to strengthen the ability and striving to be a good teacher in the new era.He gave a brief introduction to the history and the situation of our university, and proposed the hope and the request to the new teachers from the three aspects. The first one is to strengthen the construction of ideological and political quality, Keeps firmly in mind the mission, set up big mind, high level and wide pattern. The second one is to be a leader with the good skills for the healthy growth of students. The third one is to cultivate yourself firstly and maintain one's own sustainable development. He hopes that all the new teachers will carry forward the solid spirit of work, courage to take the responsibility, and make the contributions to the development of Chinese medicine. In order to enhance the sense of professional honor and pride of new teachers, and the sense of mission and responsibility of educators, all new teachers at the opening ceremony solemnly swear to express their determination to loyal education and fulfill their duties of teaching and educating students. Xu Erping also gave the new teacher representatives the school badge, took a group photo with them, and welcomed them to formally become a member of our university.


In the following two days, combined with the work and procedures of the department, the heads of the Marxist College, the Teaching Evaluation and Teacher Development Center, the Academic Affairs Office, the Personnel Department, the Science and Technology Department, the Discipline Office, and the Library Department, gave special lectures for new teachers. Professor Liu Yamin, the first Zhongjing teaching master, exchanged her own growth and teaching experience with the topic of How to be a good university teacher with new teachers. The new teachers also visited the School History Museum and the Chinese Medicine Museum. From November 16th to 18th, the school organized 48 new full-time teachers to go to Beijing Normal University to participate in the Seminar of Studying on Teaching Methods and Teaching Art Communication of Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities. During this seminar, they listened to lectures by many national teachers and experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University and Beijing Normal University.


The trainning class has held 13 seminars, and will also require new teachers to study 4 pedagogic courses and 8 online courses. Through this training, the new teachers have expressed they are more familiar with the school, inspired their enthusiasm to love the school, and benefited from the construction of teachers' morality, professionalism, teaching philosophy and teaching ability, which have played a positive role in the role transition and adaptiveness of teachers' jobs.