The 2018 Symposium on Science and Technology in Henan University of Chinese Medicine

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The Scene of Symposium

The Speech given by Professor Liu Yamin

On November 16th, 2018, the symposium on science and technology of the University was held in the Third Reporting Hall of the library. It was attended the meeting by Bie Ronghai as the secretary of party committee, Xu Jiangyan as the party committee member and vice president, the heads of relevant departments, the leaders of state-level projects and subjects, representatives of teachers and etc. Xu Jiangyan hosted this forum.

At the meeting, Li Dongyang, Director of the Science and Technology Department, informed the establishment of our university’s the state-level projects and subjects in 2018. In the current year, our university has been approved 30 items of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including 1 major project, 14 general projects, 15 youth fund projects with 13.496 million yuan as the direct funding. The number of our school’s projects and funds have reached a record high, such as the number of items ranking in the 12th and amount of funds in the 10th among the national Chinese medicine units, the number of items ranking in the 8th and amount of funds in the 7th among universities in Henan Province. In addition, it has been also received 1 general project and 1 special project of Pedagogy in the National Social Science Fund, 1 national major science and technology project. Meanwhile, a number of national major research and development projects and subjects have been approved or publicized.

During the discussion and exchange session, the heads of the Pharmacy College, the Marxist College and the Second Clinical Medical College, introduced the declaration and establishment of the 2018 National Fund Project, shared the work experiences, analyzed the existing problems, and exchanged the future work plan for striving to achieve better results in 2019. The 13 project leaders, such as Liu Yamin, Sun Kexing, Zhou Bin, Sun Ying, Guo Huijun, Meng Qingliang, Chen Yulong and ect., shared the sentiment and experience of project declaration, expressed their gratitude for the support and services provided by the school and the department. They also provided opinions and suggestions on the aspects of scientific research managements and services for the transformation and development of scientific research in the University.

In his speech, Bie Ronghai affirmed the scientific and technological work in 2018, and congratulated to the researchers and relevant departments who have obtained national-level projects. He reviewed the background that the National Natural Science Foundation and the Social Science Fund established, analyzed the current situation of technological innovation. He raised hopes and requirements as well. Firstly, the significance of the National Fund Project must fully be understood. The implementation of national-level scientific research projects represented by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund is related to the national innovation-driven development strategy, to the improvement of the scientific research status of Henan universities, to the goal of the transformation and development of schools. It was the need to improve the innovation of educational concepts and the level of teaching. We must pay great attention in terms of ideological understanding with the sense of mission and urgency. Secondly, the ability to undertake national fund projects must be enhanced. National fund projects are the most important channels to support basic research. Researchers, especially young teachers, must declare the State Fund Projects from the aspects of accumulating scientific research foundations, selecting the reasonable topic, writing high-quality applications, participating in high-level pre-assessment and strictly examine forms for improving the bidding rate. Thirdly, research proposal and scientific research must be done with concerted efforts. Bie Ronghai pointed out that after the first party congress, the school on the goal of building a teaching and research university, issued a series of documents such as the "Opinions on Strengthening Scientific and Technological Work", "Administrative Measures for Scientific Research Funds", "Rewarding Measures for the Science and Technology" and " Introduction Measures for the High-level Talents as Zhongjing Scholars". These documents provides the system guarantee for the development of science and technology. Bie Ronghai emphasized that the Science and Technology Department and the Personnel Department should further improve the top-level design, implement the tasks of the high-level talents introduction and improve the management and service levels. Each department must ideologically attach importance to create a strong academic atmosphere, to ensure the management system and the effective work measures. Under the high standards and strict requirements, all scientific research workers must have broad vision, solid research ability and good academic atmosphere. Through all scientific and technological staff making persistent efforts and working together, the scientific and technological work will strive for a new and greater breakthrough in 2019.

Xu Jiangyan asked the participating departments, units and all personnel to arrange the scientific and technological work according to the first party congress and the 13th Five-Year Plan. Combined with the actual situation, all personnel should conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, clear the tasks, strengthen the measures, and effectively do various tasks in the declaration of state fund projects in 2019 to make the some contributions for the transformation and development of the University.