Professor Xu Guihua Made an Academic Report

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Professor Xu Guihua giving a speech

In order to promote the construction of first-class nursing major in our university, Professor Xu Guihua, vice president of Nanjing University of Chinese medicine, was specially invited to give a special speech at the " Forums" hosted by the science and technology department and nursing college on June 4, 2021. Nearly 100 people such as all staff in nursing college, the affiliated hospitals, directors of teaching hospitals’ nursing department and postgraduates attended the speech. Cao Shan, dean of nursing college, presided over the speech.

Xu Guihua gave a special lecture entitled "Thoughts on the Construction of National First-class Majors and Talent Education in Universities of Chinese Medicine". She firstly elaborated the key points of undergraduate education reform in the new era from the national strategic objectives such as "healthy China 2030" and the spirit of the national education conference, and then delivered the speech combined with the experience of nursing major construction in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. This speech expound how to build a first-class nursing major, curriculum and talent education in universities of Chinese medicine from ten aspects: advanced teaching philosophy, clear training objectives, reasonable curriculum, first-class teachers, first-class lectures structure, innovative teaching means, high-quality practice platform, rich teaching resources, education mechanism from three good aspects and first-class nursing talents. Finally, Xu Guihua sincerely shared the details that the team in Nanjing University of Chinese medicine won the championship in the 10th China University medical technology skills competition with the teachers and students, as well as the teaching experience how to cultivate the clinical thinking of nursing undergraduates. Xu Guihua's speech in simple terms pointed out the direction for the construction of nursing major in universities of Chinese medicine, and won bursts of applause from the teachers and students on press.

Finally, Cao Shan made a summary. She pointed out that Professor Xu's lecture with a high political position, a large amount of information and different levels, fully shows the strong strength and special characteristics of the nursing major in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. At the same time, she felt Professor Xu's passion and dedication to nursing, and she considered the speech was a high-quality class. It shows Professor Xu Guihua's style as a famous professor and higher education teaching manager. The Nursing College in our university should take the initiative to ask for advice from brother colleges, constantly update the educational concept, improve the connotation construction, and work together to bring the first-class construction and talent education quality to a new level.

Xu Guihua: Professor in national second-grade, vice president of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, doctoral supervisor, the leader in nursing major from National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the dean of national experimental teaching demonstration center, the leader of national first-class professional construction points and national first-class courses. He also serves as the chairman of the nursing professional committee of the World Federation of traditional Chinese Medicine Societies, vice chairman of the nursing teaching steering committee of the Ministry of education, vice chairman of the nursing professional certification committee of the Ministry of education, and etc. He edited 9 national planned teaching material, presided over more than 10 National Natural Science Foundation, published more than 200 papers and 19 SCI.

(Text/ Photo by Zhou Tianrui)