The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine

Founded in 1953, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine (also called Henan Children’s Hospital of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Henan Rehabilitation Hospital of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine) is the earliest built comprehensive hospital of Chinese Medicine in Henan province, with missions of medical treatments, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation, etc. It is a national tertiary A-level Chinese Medicine hospital, a national clinical research base of Chinese Medicine, a national international cooperation and exchange base of Chinese Medicine, a construction unit of the national regional medical center (pediatric department), a national base of Chinese medicinal preparations and preparation modification, a national standardized training base for Chinese Medicine residents, a national training base for clinical pharmacists, a national training base for clinical Chinese Medicine pharmacists and a post-doctoral research center.

The hospital has 38 clinical departments, 47 wards, 13 medical technical departments and 2,600 approved beds. There is Henan Consultation Center of Chinese Internal Medicine and Henan Pediatric Consultation Center of the integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. There are 7 key national clinical disciplines (Chinese Medicine), 9 key disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 14 key national Chinese Medicine specialties, 4 first-level key disciplines in Henan Province, 7 secondary level key disciplines in Henan Province and 12 key specialties granted by the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration of Henan Province.

In recent years, 77 national scientific projects have been hosted. In 2013, the scientific research project "Establishment and Application of Comprehensive Syndrome System of the Coronary Heart Disease" jointly completed by the hospital and other institutions won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Projects "Research and Application of the diagnosis and treatment law and the evaluation of curative effects of the elderly community-acquired pneumonia” and “Innovation and Application of Key Techniques for TCM Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” successively won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2012 and 2015, and made a breakthrough in the national scientific and technological progress award in the field of medical and health care in our province. 26 granted provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards fully demonstrate the academic level and innovation of Chinese Medicine in the prevention and treatment of major difficult diseases.

Currently, there are more than 2,200 professionals, 2 candidates for the national "Talents Project", 2 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions granted by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, 24 national famous elderly TCM doctors and 14 famous TCM doctors in Henan Province, 17 experts enjoying the special government allowance awarded by the State Council. A well-structured innovative high-quality clinical research talent team with a combination of elderly, middle-aged, and young talents has been formed.

The hospital aims at resolving the major and difficult diseases which have great influences on the public health, promotes the overall development of medicine, education, research and management, and establishes a “hospital-focused, department-featured and people-oriented” pattern to continuously upgrade the hospital’s fame and influence.