【Scholar Forum】 Wu Weidong, Dean of School of Public Health of Xinxiang Medical University, Gave Lecture at Scholar Forum

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Scene of Lecture


Professor Wu Weidong Giving Lecture


Scene of Exchanging Meeting

In order to study and implement the “Outline of Healthy China 2030”, activate the academic atmosphere of scientific research, further promote the professional construction and talent training of preventive medicine, and improve the discipline construction and professional construction level of our university, Wu Weidong, Dean of the School of Public Health of Xinxiang Medical University, was invited to our university on the afternoon of June 11, 2021, to give an academic lecture entitled"Progress in Research on Air Pollution and Health"at Scholar Forum. The lecture was hosted by Gao Jianfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Medicine, and attended by Dean Li Genlin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Dan, Vice President Sun Junbo and Yan Guoli, as well as teachers of Preventive Medicine and undergraduate students of School of Medicine.

Based on his years of work experience, Wu Weidong introduced the main research fields and scientific research achievements of him and his team, analyzed in detail the impact of air pollutants on health at home and abroad, and deeply analyzed the current situation of ozone pollution. He also explained his research on the mechanism of the effect of ozone on respiratory system at the molecular level through establishing a model laboratory and other research means. The lecture was an academic feast for all the teachers and students. It not only broadened the vision of the listeners, but also raised everyone's interest and confidence in scientific research, which benefited everyone.

After the lecture, Wu Weidong had a friendly interaction with the teachers from Research Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine of School of Medicine. Wu Weidong introduced his work experience from the aspects of system construction, undergraduate project-oriented teaching reform, cultivation of scientific research ability, construction of staff, talent introduction, mode and characteristics of education, and answered in detail and patiently to the questions raised by the teachers, he also gave pertinent suggestions on the construction and development of prevention major of School of Medicine.

This lecture and exchange activity is the first academic lecture held since the establishment of the School of Medicine. It has offered the listeners large amount of useful information, and can be adopted for reference. It has played a good role in stimulating and promoting the construction of the school's teaching mode and improving the scientific research level and academic cultivation of teachers and students. It provided very practical experience to the development of scientific research and the construction of preventive medicine major. The School of Medicine will seize the opportunity to learn from other colleges and universities, constantly update ideas, and bring the scientific research ability and quality of teachers and students, the construction of prevention major and the quality of talent training to a new level.

(Written by Wang Baiyang, photos taken by Rong Wenhui)