[Scholar Forum] Yang Weibin Delivered the Speech on the Forum

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the speech on the spot

On June 11, 2021, Yang Weibin, the former deputy director and the senior inspector of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, visited the forums and gave a special lecture on the topicStrengthening the Construction of International Communication Capacity and Promoting the External Publicity of Central Plains Culture.More than 100 people from management departments, presidents of all departments, teachers and students of our university listened to the speech. Zhang Jiamin, member of the Party committee and vice president of the University, presided over it.

Yang Weibin made an in-depth, detailed and rich report for teachers and students from the aspects of strengthening the construction of international communication capacity, building a local foreign discourse system serving the diplomacy of the countries with great power, implementing the "translation of Henan" project, improving cultural influence and communication power, and introducing the international communication path of traditional Chinese medicine culture. Starting from strengthening the construction of international communication capacity, he put forward six suggestions for the stepping out of traditional Chinese medicine culture: Firstly, we should improve our position and speed up the construction of Henan characteristic foreign discourse system of traditional Chinese medicine; Secondly, we should actively participate in the project of "translation of Henan" and put traditional Chinese medicine into the "development strategy"; Thirdly, we should sort out and translate the characteristic culture of traditional Chinese medicine, integrate and innovate the development of international communication; Fourthly, the health culture of traditional Chinese medicine should join the alliance of sister cities; Fifthly, we should do a good job in the research and development of multilingual digital term corpus and corpus development; Sixthly, we should strengthen the construction of between the relevant disciplines and new types of think tanks, such as "combination type" and "export-oriented type".

Zhang Jiamin summarized the speech. He pointed out that this speech is a concrete measure to implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on international communication and tell the story of China well. He is deeply aware of the importance and necessity of strengthening and improving international communication under the new situation, and further promotes the research and practice of international communication of Chinese Medicine culture in our university. It is of great significance to continuously improve the internationally cooperative school-running levelof our university and vigorously promote the going out of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

(Text/Li Jingping Photo/Qin Dongren)