[Scholars Forum] Professor Hou Hao, Deputy Director of National Trusted Computing Laboratory Medical (Henan) Sub-Laboratory, Delivered an Academic Lecture on The Application of Medical Internet of Things and Medical Artificial Intelligence

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The Lecture

Recently, Professor Hou Hao, deputy director of the Medical (Henan) Sub-Laboratory of National Trusted Computing Laboratory and deputy director of the Key Technology Engineering Laboratory of Trusted Security of Medical Big Data, was invited to attend the “Scholar Forum” hosted by the School of Information Technology of our university, which was an academic lecture entitled “Application of Medical Internet of Things and Medical Artificial Intelligence”. Some key teachers of the School of Information Technology, all students of medical information engineering and postgraduates of public information management listened to the lecture. This activity was hosted by Song Xuekun from the Scientific Research Office of Information Technology School.

Based on his years of experience in the field of medical information, Professor Hou made in-depth yet simple reports from the perspectives of national and local government medical informatization policies, development trend of medical information system, medical Internet of things, medical artificial intelligence and functional architecture. And he put forward his insights and thoughts, based on the strategic needs and social drive of medical AI at the government level, the application rules and standardization construction of AI in health care, the new mode of AI application in the medical field, and the smart hospital construction program including intelligent diagnosis and treatment scheme, intelligent image processing, intelligent omics big data processing and intelligent multidisciplinary consultation, etc.

This lecture focuses on “AI + medical treatment”, which has a broad vision and rich content. It provides a good inspiration for the transformation of teachers’ academic research in the School of Information Technology under the general trend of medical and industrial integration, and has a significance for guiding the professional development and talent training of the school, which is highly praised by teachers and students.

(Written by Li Pu Pictured by Ren Jingjuan)