Professor Tang Siyuan, Dean of Xiangya Nursing School, Central South University, Gave Lecture at Scholar Forum

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Professor Tang is Giving Lecture to members of Key Disciplines of Nursing and Representatives of Teachers and Students

Scene of the Lecture

In order to strengthen the construction of the Discipline of Nursing of our university, on July 4, 2021, Professor Tang Siyuan, Dean of Xiangya Nursing School of Central South University, was invited to give a lecture at Scholar Forum hosted by the Department of Science and Technology, and co-hosted by the Nursing School. More than 100 people, including members of Key Disciplines of Nursing, teachers from Nursing School and affiliated hospitals, and graduate students of nursing, attended the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Qin Yuanmei, vice president of Nursing School.

Professor Tang Siyuan presented a new and wonderful academic lecture to teachers and students with the title “Thinking on the Construction of Nursing as First-Class Discipline”. At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Tang Siyuan shared his personal growth and education experience to show the moving growth process of him into a well-known expert and Dean of Nursing School. Through Professor Tang's own experience and perception, teachers and students deeply felt the ideal and pursuit of a dream chaser who is enthusiastic about nursing, which reflected the social needs and charm of nursing. The participants were deeply moved, greatly encouraged, and enhanced their confidence and sense of responsibility in the construction of nursing disciplines. The meeting room was filled with applause. In the lecture, Professor Tang further summarized the significance of nursing after becoming a first-class discipline in combination with the process of how it became a first-class discipline in China. After that, Professor Tang Siyuan gave a lot of examples and shared his own experience to explain the problems and questions faced by nursing as a first-class discipline in simple terms to the students present, and made an easy-to-understand explanation. For the problems existing in the construction of nursing discipline, Professor Tang put forward his own unique opinions and ideas. He said nursing staff should constantly strive for self-improvement, be willing to deal with difficulties, strengthen professional abilities, cultivate excellent nursing talents, and make the value of nursing profession recognized by the society; Meanwhile, we should standardize nursing behavior, constantly change ideas and improve ourselves. He stressed that in the construction of nursing, the key to building a first-class discipline is the construction of discipline team, leading researchers are the key factors of team construction, and their influence and cohesion should be brought into full play.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Yang Qiaoju, leader of provincial key disciplines, talked about her reflections. The lecture was rich in content and welcome by all the listeners. It gave the teachers and students an important professional ideological education course, which is worthy of further study by everyone. At the same time, she felt Professor Tang's love and dedication to nursing. This professional academic exchange raised participants' interest in learning and scientific research, and promoted the improvement of academic connotation.

Tang Siyuan, national second-class Professor, Dean of Xiangya Nursing School, Central South University. He has a doctor’s degree and is a postdoctoral tutor, special subsidy expert of the State Council; member of the Committee of Nursing Education in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education; Vice Chairman of Nursing Certification Committee of Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education; member of the 8th discipline evaluation group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and Secretary General of the nursing group. He has applied 2 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 postdoctoral fund, 1 Ministry of Commerce project, more than 20 Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects. At present, he has published more than 280 academic papers, of which more than 90 have been included in SCI journals.

(Written by Zhang Yongqin, photos taken by Jiang Guanhua)