【Scholar Forum】Professor Jiang Yong, Director of Key Laboratory of Proteomics, Southern Medical University in Guangdong Province, Was Invited at the Scholars Forum of HUCM

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The Lecture

On the morning of July 12, 2021, Yang Wensheng, the vice president of the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hosted the “Scholar Forum”, and Professor Jiang Yong, director of Key Laboratory of Proteomics, Southern Medical University in Guangdong province, was invited to give a lecture on “Signal Regulation of Inflammatory Response” to the students and teachers. More than 100 people attended the training, including the party and government leadership team of the Academy of Chinese Medicine, excellent PhD and postgraduate students from various laboratories, and key teachers of scientific research business units of the university.

Professor Jiang focused on the study of cell signal regulation and molecular mechanism related to inflammation, infection and shock, and expounded the important contribution of signal transduction mechanism as well as identification, cloning and functional research of related signal molecules in the process of inflammation and shock. Jiang made an analysis based on the comprehension of his projects and provided good scientific research ideas for the teachers and students present. After the lecture, Professor Jiang had a cordial and in-depth exchange with the participants.

The lecture is rich in content, concise and easy to understand, practical and targeted. It plays a good role in improving the scientific research ability of teachers and students, enhancing their academic accomplishment and strengthening the construction of the style of study, and has enhanced the confidence and enthusiasm of the teachers in the front line of scientific research in applying for projects.

(Written by Chen Xiaohui Pictured by Li Xiaokang)