Journal of Chinese Medicine Published Paper on Covid-19 Prevention and Control with Chinese Medicine “Talking about Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2020    Author: Journal Press    Read Count: []

Atpresent, the prevention and control of Covid-19 has become a spotlight for research. In order to comply with the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment work, and record and display the unique advantages of TCM in epidemic prevention and control, since February 2020, Journal of Chinese Medicine has published 32 papers on Covid-19 via the Internet, and the download volume is more than 1300 times. Among them, the article “Talking about Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” (author: Yu Feng, Li Jing, Ma Han), which was published on February 19th, has been downloaded 3018 times in two months. The article elaborates on the pathogenesis, etiology, clinical symptoms, Chinese medicine treatment and prevention of Covid-19, which has an important significance for Chinese medicine clinical research and scientific prevention and treatment of the pandemic. The article is thus forwarded for reference to readers working in the field of Chinese medicine.