Wang Yaoxian, an Alumnus of 1982 in Henan University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM), Was Honorably Granted Gusi Peace Prize

Publish Date: Nov 24, 2017    Author: Publicity Department    Read Count: []

Recently the press conference of “Beauty of CM”, co-hosted by China Association of Chinese Medicine and People’s Net, was held in Beijing, and Zhang Lei, Chu Yuxia, two venerable experts of HUCM, are fortunately granted the first honorable title of “Beauty of CM” in China.

It is learned that the publicity campaign of “Beauty of CM” was formally started in 2016, aiming at finding advanced representatives as many as possible working at the clinic and in the construction of serving capacity of CM, extolling the spirit of “making a CM worker not only proficient in medical skills but also lofty in medical virtue”, telling stories of CM in better ways, and spreading the positive influence of CM. After a whole process of investigation, online voting, experts’ discussion, and publicity, seventy-nine CM workers altogether are affirmed as publicity representatives in this campaign, including CM doctors from clinical background all over the country, the combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine, ethnic minority regions, and the countryside.

The obtaining of the honor stands for the affirmation to Zhang Lei and Chu Yuxia for their unselfish spirit in contributions, their endless pursuit of perfection in medical field, and their advanced conducts in serving patients, which set a good example for the teachers in HUCM and even a huge number of CM workers in our country. It is believed that through this campaign many more CM workers will be motivated to work much harder, making a further improvement in the serving capacity and level of CM.