The Centre of Scientific Achievements Transition

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The Centre of Scientific Achievements Transition comprises 3 executive divisions: the office, the scientific achievements transition division, and the patents division. It undertakes the development of scientific research, the transfer of scientific achievement, the application of patents and daily related managements.

In 2005, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was defined as one of the first trial universities of intellectual property rights protection, and initiated this work in November the same year. After 3 years endeavor, the centre has already helped the teachers and staff members obtained patent fund up to RMB 71 000. Now, the patents obtained covers wide types, such as patent for invention, patent for utility model and patent for design. The amount of application has increased from 3 pieces in 2005 to 92 pieces now, in which patent for invention counts on 67.4%, patent for utility model counts on 27.2% and patent for design counts on 5.4%. The number of authorized patents is 43, and 50% of them are patents for invention, therefore, the implementation will be put on the next job focus.