School of Pharmacy

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School of Pharmacy of Henan University of TCM, formerly the Department of TCM, founded in 1959, is one of the two departments of pharmacy in the earliest higher TCM institutions. In 2001 it t was named the Department of Pharmacy; In May 2002 it was renamed School of Pharmacy in response to the professional development and academic construction needs,.

In the past fifty years, under the correct leadership of the university’s leaders and due to unremitting efforts of pharmaceutical people, it has continued to grow and develop. Currently it has three levels of training ( doctorate’s or master’s or undergraduate’s degree), six undergraduate majors ( pharmacy, herbology, herbology (English), pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparation, marketing (medical trade) ), and herbology ( pharmacy, upgraded education), six master’s specialities (herbology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutics, biopharmacy, pharmacology), two master’s first-level discipline ( herbology and pharmacy). At present it has over 2,000 students and 11 disciplines ( clinical herbology, TCM chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and TCM pharmacology, TCM processing, TCM analysis and pharmaceutical analysis, chemistry, TCM medicament and pharmaceutics, TCM identification and biopharmacy, mathematics and physics, marketing, pharmaceutical engineering). Since 2004 herbology specialty has been confirmed as a key subject of Henan Province. In 2005 it was named a brand-name major by Henan Province Educational Department. In 2007 it was a state-level major with characteristics and advantages by China Ministry of Education. In 2008 the specialty of herbology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical analysis were again confirmed as key subjects of Henan Province. Five courses inclusive of herbology and others have been confirmed as excellent ones. Clinical herbology, biopharmacy, and pharmaceutics are key disciplines of the State Administration of TCM. The school has five labs ( crude medicines, physics and chemistry, pharmaceutics, TCM pharmacology, processing) and a number of research labs, all embedd with a good teaching and research conditions. It is responsible for training senior qualified personnel in TCM, pharmaceutics and management and has five functions of education, teaching, research, development and service. TCM Institute of Henan University of TCM is established in School of Pharmacy.

For a long time, School of Pharmacy has been increasing teaching form, improving the teaching quality, taking the initiative to meet the needs of society, strengthening the professional construction and has opened up a set of specialties such as pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparation, marketing management, pharmaceutical engineering on the basis of actively developing specialties with characteristics and advantages. In terms of curriculum, serious investigation and analysis, and repeated demonstration have been carried out; the completely new teaching plan has been implemented. The credit system was introduced in 2002. In order to further expand opening to the outside world, strengthen academic exchanges and practical teaching links, School of Pharmacy has established long-term cooperative relationships with over 10 domestic and foreign universities and research institutions (such as Harvard University, Tsinghua University, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., with large-scale Pharmaceutical companies (such as Henan Ling Rui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tianshili Pharmaceutical Co., Henan Province Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc.),with state-level forest parks – Longyu Wan Tree Farm and Wanxian Mountain. At present, more than 60 teaching practice and employment bases have been established, academic standards have been improved, the quality of teaching, research and practice and employment have been guaranteed.

Thanks to the teachers’ cultivation, School of Pharmacy has students everywhere. In the past 50 years, it has brought out more than 10,000 students to the society. The graduates of all previous years have been widely praised by all sectors of society. Many graduates continue to pursue master’s and doctorate degrees. Some have become successful experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and leaders in many fields, such as Yuan Sitong ( Grade 59, the former director and secretary of Chinese Materia Madica Institute of China Academy of TCM), Li Songwu ( Grade 77, director of Henan Province Food and Drug Administration), Xiong Weizheng ( Grade 75, director of Henan Ling Rui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ), Liu Yanze ( Grade 77, researcher of Harvard University Traditional Medicine Research Center), Wang Shengqi ( Grade 79, doctor advisor; director of Chinese Military Biochip Research Center), Wang Zhimin ( Grade 80, researcher of China Academy of TCM; core expert to draft “ 11th Five-Year Plan”), LIU Hong-min ( Grade 79, president of School of Pharmacy of Zhengzhou University), Du Tianxin (Grade 81, president of Luoyang Bone-setting Hospital ), Hou Aijun (Grade89, vice president of the Fudan University School of Pharmacy), etc. They have won praise from the employers because of their open-minded spirit, rigorous and innovative learning attitude, good quality of hard determination, solidarity and friendly personality.

In terms of training college students, School of Pharmacy has constantly updated concepts, done all for the sake of the students, strengthened dormitory and campus cultural construction. Therefore, the qualifications of the students have been greatly improved, and a group of advanced collectives and individuals with Wang Yishuo as a representative have emerged. They have obtained many rewards in the province and the National College Students’ Science and Technology Challenge Cup Competition, which has demonstrated the students’ overall quality and spiritual outlook. The graduates from School of Pharmacy have very broad employment aspects and good situation. Over the past years, at the supplying and demanding meetings for graduates held by the school, the students have found favor in many units’ eyes. The employment rate has reached more than 95%.

School of Pharmacy is strong in teaching and scientific research, distinguished for a number of influential scholars, experts and professors, a group of young and middle-aged teachers who make themselves conspicuous. At present there are 130 staff members, including 22 professors, 35 associate professors, 20 with doctorate, 60 with a master’s degree, 6 chosen by Millions of Talents Project, 1 excellent talent confirmed by China Ministry of Education, 3 provincial experts receiving special subsidy granted by the State Council, 1 national first-level member of standing committee, 3 members, 4 secretary-generals or vice secretary-generals of the professional committee, 2 doctoral tutors, 45 postgraduate tutors. It is the member unit of Henan Province Professional Pharmacy Committee, Henan Province Professional Applied Pharmacology Committee, Henan Province Natural TCM Committee, Henan TCM Pharmacology Committee. Over the years, School of Pharmacy has shown a strong ability of scientific research due to excellent level and achievements, and gained attention and praise from higher authorities, pharmaceutical companies and other universities. It has successively completed 20 influential programs including research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the state “863”research project, the state “10th Five-Year Plan”Science and Technology ones, province-department-link “ 10th Five-Year-Plan” projects, and Henan Province Outstanding Young Talents Foundation. Now it is bearing one research project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one of “863”, 10 supported by the state “ 11th Five-Year-Plan” science andtechnology, 2 provincial key public welfare projects, 1 supported by Excellent Talents Plan of China Ministry of Education, 2 provincial key science and technology plans, 1 supported by provincial outstanding youth foundation, and 2 by provincial universities outstanding scientific research personnel, which have significant influence. There have been more than 10 new drugs and products which have entered the industrialization and resulted better benefits. The school has earned 2 the-first-class prizes of provincial –ministerial-level science and technology progress, and 6 the -second-class ones. In teaching research, input has been constantly enlarged, research projects are increasing year by year, and the quality of results have been continuously improved. A good example is Henan Province Universities’ Outstanding Teaching Results of 2008 Top Award.

Looking ahead, full of challenges and opportunities, there is a long way to go. Keeping up with times, all the staff members in School of Pharmacy will strive, in an earnest and down-to-earth way, to establish high-quality brands, and open up a brighter future.