School of Foreign Languages

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China, as well as TCM, has been known to the world as the deeping of the reform and opening up policy. The world desires to learn more about China and TCM especially after China’s entry into the WTO. Communication with the outer world makes cultivating foreign-language-talents a necessity. Assuming the responsibility of cultivating all-around talents both in foreign languages and TCM, The School of Foreign Languages was founded on April 28, 2004 on the basis of the Foreign Languages Department. It holds the guiding principle of market-orientation and proper positioning with major characteristics to fulfil the dream of popularizing TCM around the world.

The School consists of three departments, i.e. Major English Department, Non-major English Department and Medicial English Department, with 40 teaching staff and 1 lab manager, including 7 professors, 16 lecturers and 23 teachers with Master's degree. There are 9 (514 seats) language labs and a Reference Room with about 5000 volumes of reference books and 63 types of Journals and periodicals.

It encourages the staff to take foreign exchanges positively, expanding their vision on every aspects. In recent years, it has introduced two returned overseas and sent 5 staff to go to US, Australia, Japan and so on as visiting scholars or for their further study.

The School also undertakes tasks of English teaching for all the non-English majors and of translating, interpreting during the foreign exchanges activities. All the teachers cherish their posts, devote wholeheartedly to work and have received high praise from students. Meanwhile all the staff apply themselves to teaching research activities, which makes teaching and learning complement with each other.