School of Infomation Technology

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As a teaching organ bearing public and major teaching in computer subject, the Information and Technology School was founded in April of 2004 based on the former Education Information Center.

Shouldering teaching tasks of the public basic courses and computer major courses of the whole university, it presently has Electrician and Electronics Lab, Computer Assembly Lab, Software and Database Lab, Computer Network Lab and Web Technology Lab. The computer rooms governed by IT labs provided teaching insurance for the computer public courses and major courses of the whole university, and meanwhile were the important places of the school network examinations, the National Computer Rank Examination of undergraduates and the international course selection.

The education concepts of the school are: being oriented towards the market demand, based on teaching quality, centered on abilities and qualities, being targeted in student job application.

Besides theoretical teaching, the IT school also focuses on the practical and creative abilities, pushing the students to be the composite and applicable technological talents engaging in development, design, management, application and maintenance jobs in the fields of computer application technology and information management.

It presently opens two four-year undergraduate majors: Information System and Management; Computer Science and Technology.

Tel: 0371-65676801