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The Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of TCM regards medical treatment as core, teaching as base, and scientific research as driving force, which develops harmoniously and promotes each other. It has become an integrated TCM hospital with joint and spine diseases as focus, acupuncture and massage as basis, TCM as feature, good service and beautiful environment. In the past over 10 years, under the leadership and care of the university and department responsible for health, the hospital has depended on excellent talents and scientific advantages, team work and hard working, and come to form its unique strong points and features during the course of establishing the brand of “ Celebrated Hospital; Celebrated Department; Celebrated Doctors; Celebrated Drugs”.

The hospital has had 12 nationally celebrated TCM physicians, 36 doctoral and postgraduate tutors, 99 experts with associated professors’ title. The nationally celebrated TCM physicians have exquisite skills and enjoy a good reputation, and especially they are very good at curing internal obstinate disease, the spleen and stomach disease, hepa-tocholic disease, gynecological disease, protrusion of intervertebral disc, and diabetes with unique treatments and marked effect. Acupuncture and massage specialty is the key one of the State Administration of TCM and Henan Province, and also the base for senior acupuncturist and masseur training. Until today, the hospital has undertaken 35 study programs, including two research projects of National Natural Science Foundation, one project supported by the state “ 11th five-year plan” science and technology, one special subject by the state “ 10th five-year plan” science and technology, one of “ acupuncture clinical operating technical specifications”, and nine clinical treatment finishing technology projected by the State Administration of TCM. In the past two years, in national and provincial types of academic journals 34 works and more than 170 papers with solo authorship or in the first author have been published. The hospital has also undertaken many tasks of compiling textbooks in national plan and assisting forms.

In terms of international operation and exchanges with foreign countries, the hospital plays a key role in foreign relations. Many visiting medical and peer experts from different countries have come for a visit or academic exchange, and some experts and scholars have been sent overseas now and then for teaching and medical exchange, which benefits each other.

Over the past two years, the hospital has obtained many honorary titles such as Henan Province Advanced Grass-Roots Party Organization, Henan Province Red Flag Communist Youth League, The Advanced Unit of Henan Province TCM System in Hospital Management Year of 2007, The Advanced “Three-Education” Unit of Henan University of TCM, The Civilization Unit Model of Henan University of TCM. At the same time, it has won the sixth in professional moral activities of Henan provincial hospitals.

Ⅰ. The Advantage of Having Many Famous Experts

Henan University of TCM is the highest institution of Chinese Medicine learning where many retired experts and professors are employed and this has formed one distinctive feature. At present there are over 40 well-known experts, including 12 nationally celebrated TCM physicians, and 6 doctoral tutors. They have noble medical ethics, excellent skills, and rich clinical experience with accurate differentiation. For many times they make good use of formulas and have succeed in helping patients.

The experts in the hospital excel in curing digestive and endocrine system diseases by using pure TCM therapy and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. A lot of cases have shown the significant effect and the level of treatment is in a leading position in Henan Province.

With the guidance and help of distinguished experts, a group of young and middle-aged experts are growing up, who have become the key personnel and strengthened the group advantage. Besides, the hospital has continued to increase implementation of celebrated doctors project and selected 17 young and middle-aged doctors as the first group of apprentice to follow celebrated TCM experts to study.

Ⅱ. The Advantage of Acupuncture and Massage Speciaty

Giving full play to the advantage of disciplines to improve the clinical effect of specialty is the hospital’s another feature. Since 1999, the hospital and the department of acupuncture have combined into one. As a result, medical clinic and teaching have connected with each other, and thus achieved mutual replenishment. Such powerful alliances have promoted the sound development of medicine, teaching and scientific research. The discipline of acupuncture and Tuina with professors Shao Jingming and Sun Liuhe as leaders is the key one of Henan Province. Its main direction of scientific research has been in a leading position both at home and abroad such as “ The study of acupuncture in treating caner pain and radiotherapy and chemotherapy”, “Theoretical and Applied Studies of Eight Extrameridians ” and “ Research of Clinical Practice and Mechanism of Acupuncture and Moxibustion ”.

One-stop of outpatient department and ward has improved TCM process of overall treatment of acupuncture and massage. At the same time, intervertebral disc and cerebrovascular disease are regarded as research focus. The overall treatment plans are made according to different conditions, times and persons, which have formed the curing system with unique features, significant effect, systematic and menu service.

Ⅲ. The Advantage of Powerful TCM Scientific Research

In the past several years, No.3 Hospital has undertaken 7 programs of the State Administration of TCM, 12 provincial programs, and 11 research at department or bureau level, and has won 9 awards at provincial, ministerial, department or bureau level. In the past four years, there has been publication of international, national and provincial types of more than 170 papers with sole authorship or in the first author 34 works. The hospital has also undertaken many tasks of compiling text books in national plan and assisting forms. The advantage of scientific research has shown the result of integrating medicine and teaching and improved the development of medical teaching.

Ⅳ. The Advantage of Chinese Medicinal Slices with Good Quality and Reasonable Price

The hospital regards “ celebrated doctors, high-quality medicines” as the guiding ideology, and the pharmacy has practiced business management. More than 6 000 kinds of meditional slices through invited public biding are well stored, processed in accordance with the medical law, transferred conforming to the standard, supervised and guided by professors of medicine. In this way, the quality of medicine and service can be guaranteed. What’s more, there is a preparing room where the medical pharmasists offer decocting and preparing services for any one at any time.

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