Office of Discipline Affairs (ODA)

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Office of Discipline Affairs is the daily operating workplace for the committee of disciplines construction. The office is mainly responsible for:

Organizing sub-divisions to make the university’s overall blueprint of disciplines development, and providing available options for the authorities.

Arranging the inspection and authentication of the constructing objects, and ensuring the applications for the key disciplines and delivery of the applying stuff and documents in time.

Composing scheme of assignments, promoting and making sure the state and local governments’ support to the key disciplines.

Organizing to compose the plan of constructing expenditure, cooperating with monetary division and supervision division to supervise and manage the expenditure of each discipline at all levels.

Organizing the demonstration on the expenditure of equipment valued 50,000 or above.

Offering assistance and cooperation in management and maintenance, providing good hardware to each discipline.

According to the plan of constructing the key disciplines, supervising the implementation and rear management, landmark output, perspectives,accomplishment and installment assessment.