Charging and Funding

Registration fee:

RMB800 each

Degree Program Tuition:

Bachelor’s degree program: RMB26000 each per year

Master’s degree program: RMB32000 each per year

Doctor’s degree program: RMB35000 each per year

Continuing education on Chinese medicine:

RMB8000 each for 1-month period 4 weeks)

 RMB16000 each for a 3-month period3个月费用)

Chinese language course:

RMB7000 each for one academic term

For Chinese kongfu, health preservation, natural therapy and other please contact us for details.


RMB960 monthly (beddings not included) for degree programs; RMB32/day for short term program


Any applicant for a 6-month and over study has to buy insurance of RMB600/year