President Xu Erping Met with Visitors from Long Island University USA

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On the afternoon of August 27th, 2018, Professor David Liu, Chief Representative of Chin and two other visitors from the Department of International Cooperation Affairs, Long Island University, USA, came to visit our university. President Xu Erping warmly welcomed the guests in the meeting. Staff from related departments attended the meeting.

During the meeting, President Xu Erping expressed his greetings towards Professor David Liu and his team from Long Island University, and introduced the current situation of our university and affiliated hospitals. He also introduced the progress we had made on teaching, research, medical treatment, international cooperation and exchange, etc., and affirmed the favorable cooperative relationship between the two universities. He stated that as the cradle of Chinese Medical Culture, Henan is also the hometown of the Medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing, and has abundant resources on Chinese Medicine Culture. At present, our two parties were trying to promote some of the projects on cooperative teaching, the President hoped that after this visit, Professor David Liu would carry forward our ongoing projects on cooperative teaching,and further our cooperation and communication on education, teaching, teacher training, teaching development, scientific research, etc.

In Professor David Liu’s speech, he paid great compliment to the effort and achievement we had made to improve the characteristics of Chinese Medicine on campus and cooperative teaching. He pointed out that Long Island University is a wonderful university and also one of the largest-scale private comprehensive universities in America, and we both had many opportunities to collaborate. Through this meeting, we had solved existing problems in the process of cooperative teaching, reached several cooperative agreements, and showed full confidence towards our future cooperative teaching prospects. (Department of International Cooperation)

许二平校长和David Liu 教授合影留念

Scene of the Meeting


Group Photo of two Parties