HUCM Renewing a Contract with Tokyo Physical and Chemical Instrument Company to Build Chemistry of Chinese Materia Medica Laboratory

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On the afternoon of August 18, 2018, the Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Association of Henan Province in 2018 was held. Under the joint witness of Li Zhenguo, the director of Henan Food and Drug Inspection Institute, Li Qin, the vice dean of Medical College of Henan University, and Chen Suiqing, the secretary of the party committee of the School of Pharmacy of HUCM and Ji Baoyu, the vice dean of the School of Pharmacy of HUCM, Feng Weisheng, the vice president ofHUCM renewed an agreement with Shibata kiyokatsu, the vice chairman of Tokyo Physical and Chemical Instrument Company in Songshan Hotel to build the chemistry of Chinese materia medica laboratory. The meeting was presided over by Chen Suiqing.

At the meeting, Shibata kiyokatsu, Nijino Akira and Fang Xiaodong , the general manager and the vice general manager of Tokyo Physical and Chemical Instrument Company, expressed their heartfelt thanks to our university for supporting their company over the years, and presented our university with scientific research and experimental instruments valued at 100,000 yuan. They hoped through school-enterprise cooperation to provide strong support for constructing the chemistry of Chinese materia medica laboratory and improve the experimenters’ skills, thus promoting their teaching and scientific research level of chemistry of Chinese materia medica.

After the meeting, Shibata kiyokatsu and his delegation exchanged views with the teachers and postgraduates of thechemistry of Chinese materia medica laboratory, and listened carefully to their opinions and needs for improving the instruments. It is a win-win strategy for universities and enterprises to build laboratories together, which is of great significance to the benign circle of cooperation and the coordinated development of both sides, and also helps to transform our school into a teaching and research university.

Signing ceremony