Secretary of the Party Committee Bie Ronghai of Our University Met with Team of Principals from Model Schools for Overseas Chinese Education

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Recently, a delegation of 90 principals and officials of Model Schools for Overseas Chinese Education from America, Britain, Canada and other 27 countries and areas had come to visit our university accompanied by Associate Director Wang Ziwen from Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Henan Province. The exchange and learning activity lasted a day. Secretary of the Party Committee Bie Ronghai warmly welcomed the delegation. Vice president Xu Jiangyan and some related staff from the Department of International Cooperation and the Schools of International Education had joined in the welcoming ceremony. The ceremony was held by Vice president Xu Jiangyan.

During the ceremony, Secretary Bie expressed his respect and welcome to all the principals present, and illustrated the close connections between the culture of the Central Plains and the culture of the Chinese race with the help of five key words: Mountain, River, Ancient, Flower, and Root. He introduced the history, scale, levels of education, medical and researching state, international exchange, etc. of our university, and pointed out that as Chinese Medicine being the pearl of all the Chinese cultural treasure, we are responsible to make it blossom and pass it on. The head of the delegation and Principal of Cleveland Contemporary Chinese School, Wang Liminig had made his remarks and expressed his gratitude towards the thoughtful arrangement of our university, and hoped we had a successful celebration on out 60thanniversary. He stated that he would do his best in the spreading of the culture of Chinese Medicine as a leading role in Models Schools for Overseas Chinese Education. The delegation watched the foreign affairs advertising film of our university together, and visited the Henan Museum of Chinese Medicine. Afterwards, all the members joined in an activity held by the “Zi Ran Tang”(Hall of the Nature) from the center of Chinese Medicine Health Management of the Second Affiliated Hospital of our university. It attracted everyone’s attention through its easy-to understand health lectures, body-enhancing traditional martial art, and special Chinese Medicine physical check. Everyone was listening, watching, imitating and applying to use all the time.

As the longest-standing, most extensive, most deeply-rooted and most firmly-based basic overseas education of Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese Education is the most important "livelihood project" of the overseas Chinese community. The visit and communication have had a positive impact on further improving our school's international reputation.(Department of International Cooperation)

Welcome speech by Bie Ronghai, Secretary of the Party committee

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